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Hi5 Manton Deluxe massage chair Shiatsu weightlessness full body massage drainage massage including heat function

Hi5 Manton Deluxe massage chair Shiatsu weightlessness full body massage drainage massage including heat function

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The Hi5 massage chair Manton ensures your relaxation after a hard day's work and regenerates body and mind. Let your back area, muscles, arms and legs be pampered by the diverse programs and functions of the massage chair. Stay healthy and vital with regular massages of the acupressure points on your body. Especially after exhausting, physical work or sitting at a desk for hours, back pain is relieved and the muscles relax again. The integrated heating function also supports the health-promoting effects. Adapt the functions of your massage chair to your personal wishes and needs.

Product features:
- Zero Gravity Position
- S+L track with touch wheels
- Automatic body scan
- Air compression
- Foot roll massage
- Heat therapy in the lumbar region
- 2D massage rolls/movements
- 4 Massage Modes
- Flexible calf massage unit
- Remote control
- Convenient roles
- Wear-resistant, removable and washable fabric
- Bluetooth and speakers

Technical specifications:
146 x 76 x 130 cm (vertikale Position)
175 x 76 x 109 cm (flache Position)
Width of packaging 78 cm
Rated Power: 120W
Rated Voltage: 110-240V
Weight: about 85 kg
Airbags: 34 St
Everything in one box
Tilt angle: 123°-150°


zero gravity
Zero gravity position with different angles of inclination allows you to reduce the load on the spine. In the weightlessness position, the knees are over the chest, which optimizes the blood flow and triggers more relaxation of the whole body. This helps to maximize the intensity of the massage and reduce compression along your spine.

SL-rail massage system
The ergonomic ultra-long SL-rail technology offers a full coverage of the massage. The double SL splints with 3D touch rollers follow the curvature of the human body from the spine, neck and lower back and buttocks.

Automatic body scan
When switched on, the Manton massage chair automatically recognizes your body's size, shape and curves and thus adjusts a correct massage position to create an accurate and precise massage experience.

Air compression massage
Total relaxation thanks to the integration of the compression massage thanks to 34 airbags and 3 levels of intensity on the shoulders, arms and calves, improving blood circulation and relieving tiredness and stress.


Calf and foot massage

Leg and foot airbags are also available and offer air pressure massage with drainage function. In addition, Hi5 Manton has rollers that move back and forth to massage the floor.

heat therapy
2 integrated heating pads in the lumbar area reach approx. 40°C, which in combination with massage and air compression are effective for relieving aching muscles or tissues.

2D massage movement
Designed according to the hand massage style, the 2D massage rollers feature a wide range of left-to-right, front-to-back movements to imitate the feel of the human thumb, such as kneading, squeezing. The width of the massage rollers can be adjusted in 4 zones.

4 Massage modes
Hi5 Manton massage chair has 4 massage modes with a variety of massage techniques: Shiatsu, tapping, kneading, rolling and various combinations for the perfect massage pleasure.
Flexible calf massage unit
The calf massage unit can be adjusted according to user height. This unit can be extended or lengthened 12 cm to achieve the desired position that suits the height of different people.
Practical roles
Hi5 Manton massage chair is equipped with practical wheels. You can easily move the armchair by pulling the backrest and tilting it back until the center of gravity falls on the castors.
Hand control with cable
The Hi5 Manton is equipped with a wired hand control that can be stored in the storage bag next to the armrest. During the therapy you can easily adjust the chair or massage mode.
Removable and washable cover
The wear-resistant cover is removable and washable. The smooth leather material also makes it easy to wipe clean with a cloth.
Bluetooth & HD Speakers
The Manton armchair is equipped with Bluetooth and HD speakers that allow you to listen to music and calls in the headrest area during the massage.
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