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Hi5 S20 Fitness Bracelet Fitness Tracker Touchscreen IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker Heart Rate Motion and Notification Reminder

Hi5 S20 Fitness Bracelet Fitness Tracker Touchscreen IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker Heart Rate Motion and Notification Reminder

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Easy charging via USB
Remove the wristband on the side of the rectangle, connect it to a USB power supply, charge it for 5 minutes or touch the button for 3 seconds to activate it. You can charge the tracker as follows:
- USB adapter from cell phone or tablets
- USB connection on PC
- Socket with USB connection

Full touch screen with high resolution:
Hi5 S20 has a high-resolution touchscreen, and you can switch the different functions by swiping left, right, up or down. The operation is simple and the swipe is smooth.

Check your personal data throughout the day in the Runmifit app:
BPM, blood pressure, blood oxygen, temperature measurement.
Steps, distance, calories, improved smart movement - more accurate algorithm.
Social, Sitting Position and Drinking Water Reminder - No matter how busy you are at work, it is necessary to drink water and stand up to promote circulation.
Sleep monitoring - Monitor sleep quality throughout the night.

- IP68 waterproof: IP68 is the highest waterproof and dustproof level of electric devices in the world at present, which provides daily protection such as rain, shower and shallow swimming pool. (Do not use it for swimming in 2m or deeper water or river, sea or diving. Do not use in hot places such as sauna, steam, hot spring).
- High performance PMMA: Hi5 S20 uses polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) cover, therefore it has much better translucent and scratch resistant performance.
- Smart notifications and reminders: After downloading Runmifit APP from App Store, you can use notifications, incoming calls, SMS, sitting reminders and alarms in Runmifit app, but it requires authorization.
- Adjustable screen displays: The screen display can be easily changed and a variety of interfaces are available.
- Monitor women's period: It is a women's period assistant that can record the period and help users predict their period.


Hi5 S20 Fitness Tracker - a smartwatch forms a healthy lifestyle! The S20 fitness tracker is your perfect choice for fitness activity tracker and also a nice gift for your family and friends. It can perform all-day monitoring of your life to keep you informed about your personal situations through heart rate tracking, sleep recording, sports tracking, exercise alert as well as water drinking reminder. It can also remind you of any notifications through vibration. The waterproof and eco-friendly material also enhances the comfort of using experience.

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