Hi5 Armona 3D scalp massager body massage pore cleaner face massager with 8 head attachments waterproof

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Hi5 Armona 3D scalp massager has 4 massage modes and 2 sets of removable massage heads: 4 x kneading massage attachments and 4 x brush attachments. With the kneading massage heads made of silicone, the Armona device can simultaneously massage at 84 contact points both clockwise and counterclockwise. The device works wirelessly and waterproof. The kneading massage heads are also suitable for cleaning the scalp in the shower to relieve itching and promote blood circulation. With the brush attachments you can use Armona every day as a facial cleanser. The fine brushes can deeply cleanse the pores, especially on the face, combined with facial gel. A 10 minute smart timer prevents the device from having to shut down.


- 8 removable massage heads (4 made of silicone, 4 brush attachments). Suitable for kneading massage and pore cleaning.
- IPX4 waterproof. Enjoy a scalp massage in the shower.
- 4 modes adjustable: weak, strong, clockwise and counterclockwise.
- Wireless, 2 hours to fully charged. 400 min running time.
- Ultralight (0.4 kg), portable, and small (11 x 11 x 14 cm)