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Hi5 Sportster Vibration Massager Massage Gun Percussion Gun

Hi5 Sportster Vibration Massager Massage Gun Percussion Gun

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The Hi5 Sportster Vibration Massager is the latest revolutionary portable massager that uses 6 sets of fast-charging lithium-ion batteries to provide up to 9 hours of continuous run time and 27 days of use with 20 minutes of daily use at level 1 speed. Our massager is ideal for people with overweight, deep tissue problems as well as muscle stiffness and sore muscles, especially after intensive muscle training and sport. As a therapeutic massager with a vibration frequency of up to 2900 times / min, the Sportster is particularly effective and efficient in reducing muscle stiffness and sore muscles, adhesion of fascia tissue and the accumulation of scar tissue. This vibrator is mainly designed as a household product, so that the user can reduce psychological and physical stress without external help from a masseur or therapist. All Nova devices are equipped with 3 vibration speed levels and 4, 6 or 7 massage heads, with which you can set the intensity of the blow and choose the right head for certain parts of the body. The ergonomic cross-shaped design of the Sportster offers more holding options and improves the massage intensity and vibration depth. The brushless drive with high torque and quiet sliding technology offers significantly less noise, longer service life and higher performance. Sportster Vibrating Massager is designed to improve mobility, daily quality of life and create a smoother and younger lifestyle.

The Sportster vibratory massager is still patented with Smart light system fitted. With different colors of the light on the device, you can see the battery level and current vibration level. 

Battery level:

Red: 0-10%, yellow: 11-40%, green: 41-99%, white: 100%

Vibration level:

Light blue: level 1, purple: level 2, orange: level 3, blue: level 4.


One (1) year warranty 



1. Color options: rose gold / silver / light blue
2. Fast charging: 2.5 hours charging time for an unlimited massage experience.
3. Ultra-long run time: up to 9 hours
4. 3 levels of vibration speed:
Level 1 muscle activation (1600 / min)
Level 2- myofascial relaxation (2000 / min)
Level 3- deep tissue massage (2400 / min)
Level 4- deep muscles massage (2900 / min)
5. Ultra-quiet drive: Brushless, quiet drive with sliding technology for a better massage experience at home.
6. 4 or 7 professional massage attachments: for all parts of the body with suitable vibration speed levels.

Exclusive features:

1. Wellness: flexible soft massage heads to lift the buttocks and reduce cellulite.
2. Recovery and preparation for sport: Faster muscle relaxation before training and muscle regeneration after training. Nova massager reduces muscle stiffness and sore muscles, stimulates blood flow and increases lymphatic circulation.

Package includes:

1. Sportster vibratory massager
2. Stylish nylon bag for storage and transport
3. Power supply
4.Professional soft massage head attachments:
- Flat head (in 4 massage heads combination)
- Round head (in 4 massage heads combination)
- Fork-shaped head (in 4 massage heads combi)
- Spherical head (in 4 massage heads combi)
- Spade-shaped head (in 7 massage heads combi)
- Air cushion head (in 7 massage heads combi)
- Patented arched head (in 7 massage heads combi)


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