Hi5 Bella 3D Eye Massager with Heat Compression Vibration Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker Eye Therapy

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Hi5 Bella 3D eye massager is an innovative eye massager with vibration, heat function and air pressure, which acts like a gentle pressure massage on various acupuncture points. The air pressure level can be varied while the temperature is fixed at 38-42 ℃. The heat compression improves the blood circulation in the eye area and has a positive effect on dark circles, bags under the eyes and chronic headaches. In addition, the device can effectively reduce stress after a strenuous day and improve the quality of sleep. The Bella eye massager is equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and a USB charging port. The device can be folded up very easily and is therefore portable and very handy. The device has built-in loudspeakers to take the strain off you while you are relaxing. You can connect to the device via bluetooth to enjoy your favorite music during the massage.


- With heat compression and vibration, and air pressure function. 4 modes for perfect relaxation of your eyes.
- Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with USB connection.
- Collapsible, handy and portable.
- Built-in speaker with Bluetooth connection. You can enjoy your favorite music for relaxation.
- 2 hours to fully charged. Enjoy over 100 minutes of eye massage.