Hi5 Wrist ball hand and forearm trainer for sport and everyday life Strength trainer with rubberized grip area & light function - 3 color options

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With the Hi5 Wrist Ball / hand and forearm trainer, you can train your arms and hands with short and effective exercises at any time. The training ball is suitable for exercises of forearms, wrists, gripping strength of the hand and fingers, as well as biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Thanks to the precise rotation, there is no annoying vibration during training. Auto start system makes it easy for you to start the rotation The "ball in the ball" design creates an immense gyro effect and the inner ball glows at high speed. The rubberized grip area prevents the ball from falling during the exercise.


1. Color options: black/Red Blue
2. Purely mechanical, does not require a battery
3. The inner ball glows at high speed
4.Effective exercise device for forearms, hand muscles, fingers, wrists, etc.
5. Small and portable. Training no matter where and when.


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