Hi5 Relly heat pad thermal belt heating pad against menstrual pain and uncomfortable periods in women with 3 levels of vibration and heating.

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• Usable in several places: Abdomen, waist, back and thighs.
• Material: Made of skin-friendly flannel that is super soft and cozy.
• Power capacity: 1200mAh
• The LED display: shows the status of the heating pad in an easily understandable way.
• Size: 20,6 x 11,8 x 5,6 cm

The Relly heat pad has 3 adjustable heat levels:
40°C for daily care
45°C against menstrual care
50°C against menstrual pain
It effectively relaxes the body and relieves pain with the heat.

3 vibration levels:
Level 1 to relax with gentle vibration
Level 2 for muscle pain relief through vibration
Level 3 for muscle stimulation through powerful vibration


Most women suffer from period pain in the abdomen and lower abdomen. Relly heat pad helps you relieve the pain and cramps caused by period with 3 heat levels and 3 vibration levels. Relly device uses carbon fiber heating with large surface area, which is super comfortable. Thanks to the USB-C charging port and mini design, it can be used anytime and anywhere.