Hi5 Rock Vibration Massage Roller Fitness Roller Fascia Roller Yoga Roller Vibration Roller with 5 intensity levels 2 colors

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• Maße: 29x7,6x7.6 cm
• Weight: 0,9 kg
• Texture: 3 in 1 Massage design
• 15-Minuten-Auto-Stop-Function of Vibration
• USB-C Charging Port


- 5 Intensity levels: 2100 bis 3100 Strocks/Min for fast Warm-up und Cool-down of muscle with massage effect, less pain from tension and soreness
- Max. working time: 2 hrs
- Helps prevent sore muscles, optimal for floor exercises like yoga
- The roller releases possible adhesions of the fasciae through vibration and keeps them supple.

Hi5 Rock vibration massage roller is ideal for warm-up training and relaxation after training. Vibration loosens possible adhesion of fascia, which makes muscles more flexible. After training, the vibrating roller provides a massage effect with depth: faster regeneration, better blood circulation, more well-being.


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Ágnes Róth

Hi5 Rock Vibrationsmassagerolle Fitness-Rolle Faszienrolle Yoga-Rolle Vibrationsrolle mit 5 Intensitätsstufen 2 Farben