Hi5 Wilton Back Lumbar Massager back stretcher Waist stretcher for hip pain with heat function and remote control

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The Hi5 Wilton back massager / back stretcher is tailor-made for your back and hip area. The curvy shape of the device supports the spine and fits the back and hips perfectly. Place the device under your lower back in a lying position, and let the drafts of heat compression relax your lumbar and back. The Wilton device has 3 massage modes, heat function through built-in infrared light (38 to 44 ° C) and with a 15 minute timer for the perfect therapy no matter when and where you want. You can choose a favorite mode between hot compression, vibration and auto mode and experience total Shiatsu relaxation in the back and hip area. With the reinforcement board, you can always adjust the massage intensity depending on the surface. This massager is very suitable as a gift for family, friends and colleagues. 


- Effective against back pain and tight hips. Improves blood circulation and relieves annoying pain.
- The curvy shape of the device fits the lower back perfectly
-  3 Massage modes, heat function (38 to 44 ° C), 15-min timer. Intensity adjustable also through the reinforcement board.
- Remote control makes it easy for you to set the modes.
- Perfect gift for your family, friends and colleagues.